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How did you get white hair? As in what products did you use?

A question by Anonymous

To lighten my hair I used 20vol creme developer mixed with powder bleach, to get it as light as I am now I had to do a few applications. I did it myself a few times spaced out over a couple of weeks, and then treated myself to some trips to the salon to get it done once it was getting really light (I don’t advise home bleaching though - if you don’t really know what to do it can end very badly, I’ve seen it happen to people many times!! :S)

Then, once it started getting reasonably light I started toning it to get rid of any yellow tones using Fudge purple shampoo (and I get a toner applied if I get my hair done at the salon).
To upkeep the white colour I just use the Fudge toning shampoo as needed to stop it going brassy, generally every second wash or so :)


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“ Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. ”

—    Mandy Hale 

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