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A garment I’ve made recently for one of my classes at university.
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Drew a little portrait of @charliexbarker while having a study break tonight~
(Taken from my Instagram @_katehannah)

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Some sketching.
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Pencil drawing from this morning.
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Messing around with pencils - I bought a cheap set this afternoon to see if I like using them, and I absolutely love them!
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Painted a little portrait of the stunning @cairusso ((photo by @tedemmons used as a reference)) 🎨🎨🎨
(My Instagram - @kateastrophic)

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My finished collaged illustrations.
(part of a presentation I’m giving at uni next week!)

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Current works-in-progress… printing them out ready to add a few more details, then collage with pom poms, sequins, and jewels :)

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